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Travelling With Dinosaurs

Bored with your usual traveling photos? Well…just add some dinosaurs and see the awesome results…

…approximately as the Paraguay photographer Jorge Saenz, who uses simple perspective tricks to bring the extinct giants back to life. What does it matter that they are mostly tiny and made of rubber, that won’t stop them from going adventuring.

His journey began with the green Brachiosaurus Dino in Bolivia, where he bought him at a local flea market (La Paz). He posted the first photo purely out of fun but the overwhelmingly positive reaction he received convinced him to do some more. Soon after that Dino got some new friends (Dina the Stegosaurus, Spiny the Spinosaurus or Brachy the brown Brachiosaurus, who happens to be Dinos girlfriend at the same time) and his adventures are documented in the photoseries called #Dinodinaseries

via Instagram, Bored Panda, Lost at E minor


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