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The Paintings of Edgar Degas Live

Another attempt to bring some classical, well known paintings to live – this time with the work of Edgar Degas.

Some time ago, I stumbled upon a post..somewhere, that explained how to identify classical paintings and their authors (google it if you wish..or simply wait, I may come with the article in the future). One line I remember was: “if you see a ballerina, it has to be Degas”. And here we are, recreating some of the most famous paintings by Edgar Degas..that depict ballerinas:)
Other than the rest of the painters, that painted the ballet dancers during their performance on stage, Degas was well known to depict them during their training.
Misty Copeland, a 33-year-old professional ballerina, with the help of NYC Dance Project, posed as the subject of some of the paintings, bringing a little bit of Dega’s world to life. If they succeeded you can tell by yourself.


via Demilked, NYC Dance Project


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