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The craft of a master penman

Jake Weidmann is currently the youngest designated master penman in the world. And this are some of his works.

What does it take to become a master penman you ask? Well, this title has to be awarded to you, by the The IAMPETH Master Penman Society. It is granted to those, who had achieved a distinguished level of excellence in penmanship and the calligraphic arts – including Business penmanship, Ornamental and Spencerian script, Engrosser’s script, Engrossing and Illumination, Offhand Flourishing and Text lettering. Only 14 people till now have archived this honor. And since the the Master Penman Program is currently closed, there is not that much of a chance that you will be getting the title anytime soon. Tough luck.

But let us take a look at Jake Weidmann – he is the latest, and by the same time the youngest memeber of the Master Penman Society. If you see his “handwriting” you will see why..and that he fully deserves this title.

If you would ask how did he archive such perfection, the answer is through a lot of work. In school, as the rest of the class was was using laptops for notes, he preferred to take notes the old way, with pen and paper. And now multiply his effort numerous time. His mastery is the result of extreme practice: he wroyr each letter hundreds of times until he was finally able to do it without thinking – only then he started reproducing it on a piece of paper.

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