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Russian Fairy Tales Reinvented

Photography inspired by the traditional Russian fairy tales.

Margarita Kereva is a Russia-based who’s specialty are fantasy based images, partially consisting of real props, and partially edited in Photoshop. And as was already mentioned, all of them are inspired by the Russian folk tales and legends. So expect a lot of animals, snow, beautiful women, snow, fur coats, snow, elaborate costumes, snow. Ok, jokes aside, they are amazing. You can basically feel the atmosphere oozing from them.

And do you wan’t to know the best part? Well…best..let’s call it inspiring. Miss Kereva learned it all by herself, just 4 years ago. Yup, you heard it right, all those great picture you can see around here everywhere are the result of 4 years of hard work and constant struggle for improvement. See? You don’t need the fancy equipment, and expensive trainings and other excuses.

As always, be sure to check out the portfolio bellow.

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