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Miyazaki Cards (not) for sale

Do you like Studio Ghibli animations? And do you like cards? Well prepare to see something you will definitely want…

..but won’t be able to get..because…you have to read till the end.

The French illustrator Pauline Renard (nicknamed POW) has been working for some time on a cool DIY project of hers – drawing a bunch of characters from some of the most famous Studio Ghibli movies on a deck of cards. Since they look really amazing, I’m sure most of the anime fans out there would want something similar in their collection. But here comes the main disappointment- they aren’t for sale.


As Pauline explained on her Tumblr page, she doesn’t own the rights and every character is a Studio Ghibli property. In other words, she can’t sell them. Tough luck. But at least you can check out the pictures and be happy, that there are such talented artists out there.

via Pauline Renard


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