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Geometric Beasts by Kerby Rosanes

..some pretty nifty black pen art here..

Kerby Rosanes (also known as Sketchy Stories), the Philipines-based illustrator and artist, is someone you probably either know, or you have at least seen some of his art. He uses simple black pens (and a tablet as you can see on one of the photos) to draw complex, insanely detailed sketches and doodles…on many occasions in his Moleskin. His usual fusion of animals, nature, environment, cute things with eyes, cities, people and everything you can think of continues in his new series called “Geometric Beasts” in which he combines…well…beasts with geometric shapes.

Yes, I know that my explanation isn’t such a huge help, but take a look at the pictures around here, and check the links to his Facebook and homepage and so on. I’m sure you’ll find it as a great source for inspiration to enhance your skills. Or if you are untalented as hell, and can’t even draw a simple line, just take a look and marvel at the ideas and visions of this talented artist.

via homepage, Facebook , Instagram, Bored Panda


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