Food Typography you would like to taste

We don’t usually have typography articles here, I know, but this food fonts are simply to awesome to not mention.

Do you like food? Stupid question, of course you do, it would be hard to survive without food..I seriously don’t know how to start this article. Let’s see – we have some very talented guys from the Side by Side graphic studio who have managed to make some of the most cool looking food lettering I have seen. You can see (or you can’t, and that’s why I want you to notice) how much effort has been put in every one of those pictures – starting from the carefully sorted out ingredient needed for the, well, actual thing they were writing, to the accessories and backgrounds. Altogether you’ll get an amazing, and tasty looking result covering some of the most used substances we use in our cuisine.

Or do you want to tell me, that you would like to have a taste of that Dark Chocolate or Honey? You can lie to me, but are you sure you want to lie to yourselves? Hell, even the Horseradish sauce looks fine to me now. Or maybe I’m just hungry.

Also check out their site, you can find more of the projects they were working on..and nice looking work progress videos, that I somehow can’t embed here…so don’t waste any more time, and go take a look.

via Side by Side


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