Do you sleep well? You won’t anymore.

Halloween is almost upon us! Just a few days to go, so what better time could we find to post something spooky-related. I won’t write much about the history of Halloween, since you can find it almost anywhere on the internet – yes, it was an old Irish celebration, who got it from an Celtic harvest festival, with the presumably pagan roots in the Gaelic festival of Samhain (meaning summer’s end). But let us take a better look at something more visual – the costumes.

Have you seen any of those in the recent years? You have basically 3 categories of those nowadays. First, and most beloved by the male audience, are the skimpy girl costumes, that try to look as sexy as possible. Then you have the sophisticated ones, that must have taken a lot of time to create, and generally are used for promotional photo shoots, or to make your friends envious, that you have obviously a lot less to do during the day then them. Last, but not least, are the costumes that can be described as “the rest” – funny – either accidental, or on purpose, often referencing pop cultural characters, or anything that is currently popular.

But are those costumes really scary? And I’m not talking jump-scare scary, I’m talking that’s-something-wrong-with-that-guy scary. I’m talking about the unsettling feeling of dread, where you sit on the ground, with the back to the door, the lights are dimmed, you are clutching an improvised weapon in one hand, and your old family crucifix in the other, and pray, that the thing, that is standing behind the door leaves you alone and just walks away.

Costumes like that aren’t made anymore. Now they are mostly a thing of the past, represented on old, black and white photographs. They were hand made, created from anything useful that could be found around the house, and they were meant to scare people. And they did. Just take a look at the few examples below, and tell me, that you would feel comfortable in their presence.

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