Creating GIFs, oldschool

Someone may use the code to create amazing GIFs, but not everyone. Some do it in the old, manual way.

Hard to tell which one is more demanding or complicating. Let’s just say that both have their benefits and negatives. But if you take a look at the work of the Sydney-based illustrator Nancy Liang, you’ll have to appreciate the amount of work spent on every detail of her animations. Oh, did I mention, that they are hand made? Like hand made with her hands? Like using paper crop outs, pencils, drawing all of it manually, then scanning it layer after layer, and then combining it all together in Photoshop.

It may sound like a lot of work (and I’m sure it is a lot of work) but the results are simply mesmerizing.

Also do not forget to check out her whole portfolio.

via thisiscolossal


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