Counterfeit par excellance

Some say it is a crime, other say, that if done right, it is a form of art on it’s own. I say I can’t stop laughing when I take a look at some of them. Some of the best knock-off toys from China.

I don’t even know what to write…just you wait till you come to Sassy Jackie (wait for it..) and tell me you aren’t grinning at least.

1. Nightmare Feddy

You thought that Freddy Krueger from the movie Nightmare on Elm Street was the scourge of your nightmares? Well think again, because here comes Nightmare Feddy. He may be missing socks, but Feddy doesn’t take any of your conventional BS, it’s just the way he rolls.

2. Spook Chasers

Another obvious knock-of of the Ghostbusters franchise. But..but…they have some friggin GRABBING CLAWS for ghosts, just to show how badass they are. Because proton packs are for pussies.

3. Demon Donkey

My Little Pony too sugar coated for you? Too much love and compassion and happiness? No worry, because Demon Donkey is here to satisfy all your needs.

4. Batman

Something went very wrong here.

5. Toy Special 3

A very “special” Buzz Lightyear with everything you would need. “Special” expression included.

..and speaking of special..up there in the it a plane? is it a bird?’s

6. Specialman not not stare..he is the same as everyone else..nothing weird about him..damn, I was staring, wasn’t I?

7. Alien Man

I’ll just read the subtitle out loud, and let that sink in: “Because he dared to dream, and never stopped believing”. Deep..and here I am, thinking that Alien was about stuff killing other stuff.

8. Knight Rider becames Robert (Typ-O is meant to be there)

Why Robert? You couldn’t find any other more scary looking name? “Oh’s…it’s changing into Bob”

9. Game Child

Game Child hopes, that one day he’ll grow into a real Game Boy. It’s a long road ahead, but Game Child is full of determination. His good-hearted creator, uncle Cheapetto will surely help him all he can.

10. An army of anything Teenage Mutant Turtles related

Just some examples – Mighty Mutant Power Turtles, Ninja Hero Rider, Amicable Herculean, New Style Ninja Tortoise

11. Sassy Jackie

G.I. Joe is so much yesterday, and for girls…true man always played with Sassy Jackie. Good times.

12. Sense of Right Alliance

Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and so on? Pff..welcome the new crime fighters in town – Batman, Superman, Spiderman, a car, Blue Power Ranger and Shrek.

13. Souperman

Handle with care, it may be still hot. And use a spoon for gods sake, show some manners.

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