Bizarre patents of the past

This one is for all the inventors out there. If you have ever thought about ways to improve things, invent new stuff that would be a benefit for the mankind, or just something that would make a few people smile, but always thought that your gadget is not good enough, or just plain and simple silly, worry not and continue reading.

Bellow you can find some of the actual patents from the 19. and 20. century, recently published by the U.S. Patent Office. And if you browse through some of those, you definitely can’t deny one thing – the people of the past sure did have hell of an imagination. Maybe you have heard the opinion, that by today the era of great inventions is already over. More or less the progress of the future will be determined mostly by improving things that already exist, and not invent new ones. The romantic times of Jules Verne are over. So let us look in the past, at the things that may look silly from our today’s point of vies, but they masterfully represent the original way of thinking, typical in that era. And also, if you look at the Anti-drowning hat…boy did they had some class then:)

1. Mechanical Fan, 1830, James Barron

2. Diving Dress, 1810, Chauncy Hall

3. Aquatic Toy, aka Mechanical Duck, 1870, A. W. Hart

4. Combined Rocking Chair and Fan, 1847, C. Horst

5. Flying Machine (looks safe, volunteers for testing please apply), 1869, W. F. Quinby

6. Wearable Lifeboat, 1837, John Macintosh

7. Anti-drowning Hat (see? you won’t drown, and look like a gentleman doing so), 1826, Samuel W. White

8. Creeping Baby Doll (adorable, am I right? Who wanted to sleep anyway…like….ever), 1871, R. J. Clay

10. Fire Escape, 1882, O. F. Davis

11. Device for Indicating Life in Buried Persons, 1882, J. G. Krichbaum

12. Fire Escape (if the first one would be to safe-looking for you), 1879, B. B. Oppenheimer

13. Double Bicycle for Looping the Loop, 1905, K. Lange

14. Surgical Appliance (yes…right..surgical appliance), 1910, J. E. Heyser

15. Ladder Gripping Attachment for Shoes (climbing the ladder upside down? Not a problem anymore), 1913, E. Dennis

16. Breast Douche Apparatus, 1910, A. Mantelet

17. Combined Racing Grayhound Harness and Rider Supporting Means, 1933, R. Renfro

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