Aedis Aurea: The Golden House

A place where the boarders of reality have no meaning, and nothing is as it seems.

What would you say to a place where all the mystery, the magic, the conspiracy, the unexplained and much more would come to life? Sounds like a movie, or a videogame? Fiction? Well, yes and no at the same time. The aim of of this project is create the feeling (either real, or unreal), that all that what you always wanted to be is possible. That all of the things you considered as a product of your imagination really do exist and influence the cogwheels of reality. Did you want to solve mysteries? Or would you like to be a part of a secret society to behold all the things from the shadows? Would you like to travel to foreign places, and discover hidden secrets all over the continents? Find your inner adventurer? Live your artistic dream? Be someone different? All of that and more you can achieve in your Golden House, Aedis Aurea.

You can take it as fun, or as a form of geocaching with a mysterious and occult twist, or a treasure hunt, or maybe as a philosophical/historical journey, because in the end it’s up to you to decide which path you will walk.

If you would like to support, or share the campaign, then you can find the Indiegogo link HERE

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