2014 Wildlife Photographer of the Year winners

Ladies and gentleman, the time has come to announce the finalists of the 2014 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards. Ok, to tell the truth, the time has already come a few days ago, but let us not dwell on the few mistakes of the past. Let’s rather feast our eyes on the works of the best of the best.


The mouse, the moon and the mosquito – Alexander Badyaev, Russia/USA


Herons in time and space – Bence Máté, Hungary

Amphibians and Reptiles

Divine Snake – Raviprakash S S, India


Night of the deadly lights– Ary Bassous, Brazil

Plants and Fungi

Glimpse of the underworld – Christian Vizl, Mexico

Underwater Species

Passing giants – Indra Swari Wonowidjojo, Indonesia

Earth’s Environments

Apocalypse – Francisco Negroni, Chile

Black and White

The last great picture – Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols, USA – Grand title winner

Natural Design

Cardinal Sparks – Patrik Bartuska, Czech Republic

10 Years and Under

Stinger in the sun – Carlos Perez Naval, Spain – Grand title winner

11-14 Years

Angle poise – Marc Albiac, Spain

15-17 Years

The long embrace – Anton Lilja, Sweden

via Natural History Museum


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