Your not-so-usual police photos

Have you seen some policeman photos recently? Doesn’t matter from which country, or town you are, it seems to be a running trend in the “theme” of such photos.

Either the “we look very serious” photography, or the popular “mess with us, and we’ll mess with you” photography, and also not to forget the “we are on a street riot” photography. Other than that, you hardly get any normal pictures of the man and woman responsible for our everyday safety. Maybe that is the reason, many of those lawman doesn’t enjoy such a good reputation among the population.

And there, on the other side of the fence, you have Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. You take a look at the Instagram, or the Facebook page of the local police force..yes, they have a Instagram/Facebook page…and you will be pleasantly surprised with pictures that are almost oozing an positive atmosphere. Kittens, doggies, parrots, ice-cream and Hello Kitty merchandise wouldn’t be something you would expect, but think again. Or better said, look again, because they will definitely improve your mood.

Also an interesting fact about Reykjavik police: the first shooting-death ever occurred in 2013, during a armed robbery. Till then no serious shootouts. Let’s all hope, that the last year incident will also be the last one, and all those people will enjoy their good mood for a long long time.

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