A modern approach to the wet plate photography

The almost forgotten art of photographic alchemy brought back to life.

Also in most cases, the transition from film, to digital photography is something one could expect by a photographer, there are a few examples that took a different path. Like exactly the opposite one with one minor detour. Not just from film to digital, but then from digital to friggin wet plates. How awesome is that? You do know what is wet plates am I right? Collodian process? Stuff that was invented by Frederic Scott Archer more than 160 years ago? And that is the case of Alex Timmermans.

In his own words, the time he switched from film to digital “everything became more predictable…too predictable”. The magic of photography seemed lost to him. So he switched to probably the most difficult kind of photographic technique, the mentioned wet plates. No Photoshop, no ability to take thousands of pictures and only choose the good looking ones, simply go back to the original roots of photography.

You can see the amazing results above and below.

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