Time is an illusion, let us make happen everything at once

Creating a time lapse video, or capturing different times on one photography is something that has been done by multiple artist, and even if it still looks quite cool, when done right, we have to move on. We should no longer linger on the idea of linear time, where a day starts with the down, and ends with the dusk. How about we let everything happen at once?

Heresy you say? Please put down the torches, the pitchforks and calm the angry mob a bit down, and let us take a look at the work of Julian Tryba.

He based his artistic idea, on the theory of relativity by Albert Einstein – his vision is a world, where every object has his own time assigned, and where everything happens at once. Day and night, sunny weather or a storm, crowded streets, or empty town squares – everything happens at once. The effect he created has been called “layer lapse”.

Shot in Boston, the video is a real (time consuming) piece of work. Julian spent approximately 100 hours of shooting, 350 hours of editing, and captured about 150 000 photos. He said, that every clip has an average of 35 different layers.

Boston Layer-Lapse from Julian Tryba

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