The Photogenic Foxes of the Arctic Circle

Amazing photos of a very talented photographer, with maybe a bit surprising official profession.

Never judge a book by it’s cover they say…you book judging bastard. What did the book do to you? It had it’s reasons if you must know. It was young, it needed money, it had 3 hungry little leaflets at home. What would you do in it’s place? But there was something different I wanted…oh, yes, the photos. Mr. Ivan Kislov, a miner in the extremely cold environment of Chukotka, Russia certainly has a hobby that would melt the hearth of everyone that has taken the time to take a peak. During his breaks he travels the steppe to take amazing pictures of wild animals, using his wide angle and telephoto lenses.

Especially the foxes he takes pictures of are some of the cutest photos you can find on the internet. In his own words, the foxes are curious creatures, and on many occasions they come on their own to check out what the patient human is doing.

And even if on the majority of websites you can find his fox-ish photo sessions, be also sure to check out the rest of his wildlife photos. A wide variety of species, ranging from the mentioned foxes, hares, wolverines, to grand and majestic animals like bears (also with cubs) and breathtaking landscape photos covers the beauty of this cold, unfriendly but at the same time amazing place.

via Facebook, Bored Panda


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