“The North American Indian” photo series

One of the most complex works on the indigenous people of North America from the 20th century.

Do you know who Edward Sheriff Curtis was? This Wisconsin based photographer, born in 1868, was the author of one of the most impressive photographic evidence on North American life of the early 20th century. Mostly known for his photo of Princess Angeline, the daughter of the Duwamish chief Seattle, for whom the city was named, he spent more then 20 years traveling across the North America, creating over 40,000 pictures, thousands of wax cylinder recordings of songs and language and hundreds of pages covering oral history, folk tales, legends and biographies of the members of over 80 native tribes.

1904 – A group of Navajo in the Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

1905 – Sioux chiefs

1907 – A Maricopa woman
1908 – An Apsaroke shaman

1907 – A Qahatika girl

1910 – A Kwakiutl gatherer hunts abalones in Washington
1910 – Piegan girls gather goldenrod

1914 – Kwakiutl people in canoes in British Columbia

1914 – A Kwakiutl wedding party arrives in canoes

1910 – A young member of the Apache tribe
1903 – Eskadi, of the Apache tribe

1914 – Qagyuhl dancers

1907 – Hollow Horn Bear, a Brulé man
1906 – A Tewa girl


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  1. Lynn Johnson December 1, 2017

    I could look at these pictures for hours…need more than just 3 pages, however. So where can I see the rest of the photos? Or at least more?? Really enjoyed this and Thank You.

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