“The North American Indian” photo series

1910 – A Nootka man aims a bow and arrow
1908 – A Hidatsa man with a captured eagle

1923 – A Klamath chief stands on a hill above Crater Lake, Oregon
1914 – A Kwakiutl person dressed as a forest spirit, Nuhlimkilaka, (“bringer of confusion”)

1914 – A Kwakiutl shaman
1914 – A Kwakiutl man wearing a mask depicting a man transforming into a loon

1914 – Nakoaktok dancers wear Hamatsa masks in a ritual

1914 – A Kwakiutl shaman performs a religious ritual
1914 – A Koskimo man dressed as Hami (“dangerous thing”) during a Numhlim ceremony

1914 – A Qagyuhl dancer dressed as Paqusilahl (“man of the ground embodiment”)
1914 – A Qagyuhl man dressed as a bear

1910 – An Apache man

1910 – Vash Gon, a Jicarrilla man
1905 – “The Hopi Maiden.”

1905 – Iahla, also known as “Willow,” of the Taos Pueblo
1907 – A Papago woma

1905 – A Sioux hunter


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  1. Lynn Johnson December 1, 2017

    I could look at these pictures for hours…need more than just 3 pages, however. So where can I see the rest of the photos? Or at least more?? Really enjoyed this and Thank You.

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