The Memory of Budapest

The Pearl of Danube, The Capital of Freedom, or the Heart of Europe…all of those nicknames are/were used to describe the Capital of Hungary, Budapest.
Haven’t visited it yet? Well, you should, it is definitely something to behold.

But let us concentrate on something a bit different. Like most of the middle/east Europe countries, Hungary had been under the socialist regime for quite some time in the past.
And what is one of the most significant artistic marks of the socialism? Socialist realism – an unique art style developed in the Soviet Union, and aimed at the glorification of the working classes.

Sculptures, paintings, even literature was heavily influenced by this movement, and many known public figures created works of art in this style. The statues we will observe a little bit more closely.

But unlike most of the post-soviet countries, where after the fall of the regime the statues were torn down, demolished, melted, or hidden in museum depositaries, Budapest chose an alternative solution. Gather the statues that remained, find a place big enough to store them, put them to display for tourists and earn some coin along the way.
Talk about the ultimate solution for everybody – entertain, teach, and even show respect for the people who created those unique monuments of the past, who put effort into them. History can’t be erased. If she has taught us something, it would be, that from the long term perspective, destroying pieces of art; either popular, or unpopular, will be considered as an act of barbarism.

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