The Black and White Melancholy of Watercolor

Let us dig up a few of those emotions of yours, just by the sheer power of art.

Deep under title, am I right? But I am not far away from truth if you take a look at the dreamy black and white watercolor paintings of the Indonesian artist Elicia Edijanto. You could call her work minimalist to some degree, but every one of her paintings evokes feelings of loneliness on one side, but relationship, coherence and unity on the other side. Silhouettes of children accompanied by large animals present a strong contrast between the feebleness and the power. In some cases the pairs just sit or stand opposite to each other and stare into the eyes of their partner, while others are depicting a more relaxing scene of a the both living or traveling together. You could see it as a emanation of harmony between the men and nature, or the cooperation between the child in every person and his spiritual guide, or something completely different, but you definitely can’t deny the strong emotions that resonate from the works.

via Facebook, Mymodernmet


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