The Art of Geometry in Movies

This is an interesting observation I managed to find while searching for interesting stuff. A short reflection about the importance of using geometry while filming a movie.

Sure, you would think that making a shot is relatively easy – just point the camera, zoom, and pan on the person speaking and cut from time to time to another members of the dialogue. But according to Tony, from Every Frame a Painting the real beauty of filming lies somewhere else – in more complex takes, without much cutting, but rather through clever camera movement, and stage setting.

But he doesn’t stand alone in this opinion. Also the master director himself, Alfred Hitchcock, said: “It’s like a lot of films one sees today, they’re what I call photographs of people talking. There is no relation to the art of the cinema.”

The example we will be looking at, is one scene from the movie The Bad Sleep Well, from Akira Kurosawa. See for yourselves, and then tell me, if your perception of modern movies haven’t changed.

via Every Frame a Painting


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