Surreal Photography through a vintage camera

Surrealism is one of the “big players” in the field of art today. Photomanipulations, 3D modeling, expensive digital SLRs, all these are used to create something that isn’t, and introduce it to our reality.

But are those instruments, and..let’s call them helping tools, really needed? Of course, they come very handy, but let’s say, that you have to make an surreal visual in the old way, as in the times, where it required a lot more determination, and patience. Would you be able to?

Oleg Oprisco is an Ukraine-based artist, and photographer, who creates such visual arts, only with his models, real life tools, and a 50$ vintage camera. His works are a living evidence, that art comes from the inside of the person, from his views and ideas. The tools he uses, expensive or cheap, modern or vintage, are just that – tools, and a true artist can’t be limited by such.

For more of those amazing examples of Olegs work, you should definitely check his homepage, or follow him on Facebook

via Oprisco Photography, Facebook


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