Sitting in a glasshouse II.

Beware of glasses, they are more dangerous that you could have guessed.

What would you think is one of the most fatal threats to the safety of an open office? Fire hazardous materials? Weapons? Uranium rods? Well guess again, because it is a glass. You know, the thing you drink water from? Yes, that is something that is not safe for a healthy working environment. At least that’s what we were told. To diminish the threat of multiple people getting cut, and bleeding out on the carpet from broken glasses, one whole product line had to be pulled back (those glasses from IKEA, you know – transparent, round, glassy), and replaced by a more sturdy version of them (those another glasses from IKEA). The day was saved, thank gods for our brave champions who protect us from the REAL enemy.

Oh, and I made this poster for this occasion, and send it as a response to the company mail.


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