Sitting in a glasshouse I.

Working for a huge, multinational, trans-continental company has it’s benefits…or so they say.

Many of you out there dream about the possibility to work for a grand company, one that is known world wide, and just the sound of it’s brand spoken out loud fills people with pride, am I right? You wish to work in a “young and creative team” (’s always young and creative, no one offers job position in an old, and rigid environment.. Well, most of the companies lie.), work on important tasks, gain reputation, follow orders, follow company hierarchy, be diplomatic, voice your opinion in a way that’s suitable for everyone and do not create conflicts. Large company, many people, many different approaches, and the management wants to lead the team as a big, happy family.

You should do what you are told, to have the impression you are doing something important, that influences the wheels of the world. You are welcome to voice your opinion if you disagree with something, because having backbone is one of the new ways of telling people “we like to pretend we are interested in what you have to say, but in the end we will do it slightly differently than you proposed.. And by slightly differently we mean we will do it as we want but you will have the warm, pleasant feeling in your guts, that you made a change. That you participated. That you are a small, but meaningful cog in the whole machinery.” But you know what’s funny? You don’t even have a name. You have an ID, you are just a combination of letters and numbers, interconnected to some gibberish. You think you are archiving something, but even if you are, non of it is in your name. If you move on, you will be replaced by another young, and creative guy or gal, who will also wish to..increase the effectivity, or decrease the costs, or improve the response rates, or gain new customers….or something else that will shine as a nice epitaph, describing the worth of the person. “Here lies our dear smithjoh32, beloved husband, friend, and a small, but meaningful cog in our cherished company, that we all adore (HAIL HYDRA). He decreased the project cost by an astonishing 0.001%, for what he will be remembered always.”

Well, at least it stopped raining…and I see a military chopper in the sky…that is not so common in this country of mine. Really wish I had my camera with me now.


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