Real-time face tracking/projection mapping magic

You thought, that the real life-looking body paintings are an state of the art project? Let us take a look at something even more breath-taking, and mesmerizing.

The technology Omote, introduced by the Japanese producer Nobumichi Asai is something that is pretty hard do explain. Since not much is known about this promising project, and we can only deduct information we see in this video, nothing about the actual functionality of Omote can be told for sure.

In the video we can see a model, on whose face, covered with reference marks, is projected an 3D animation, creating an amazing effect of artificial transmutation.
In the early stages only the intensity of a virtual make-up is shown, but as the video proceeds, more futuristic, and surreal effects are shown.
Doesn’t matter if you are an 3D enthusiast, visual artist, or technical geek, this is something definitely worth seeing.

via Visual News


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