Playing/painting with fire

What is your usual medium when you are painting, or drawing pictures? Water colors? Oil colors? Chalk? Crayons? Well how about some FIRE?

That’s right, you heard me correctly – fire. Hot, yellow-orange-red-is, used for burning and destroying evidence. The Canada-based artist Steven Spazuk creates amazing art using just some candle soot, and then finishes the whole piece with pencils and feathers. Painting feathers with feathers, how cool is that? If you are amazed by his word, and already digging through your house to find some old candles, matches and fire extinguisher, keep in mind that what to master the technique took Steven almost 14 years. In his own words, the hardest part was to keep the drawing intact. The magic behind it was to use the right fixative, in the right amount (a thin layer), sprayed from the right distance.

Also interesting is the fact how he actually came with the idea to draw with candle soot. You probably wouldn’t expect it, but it came to him in his dream. As told, he dreamed, that he visited a museum containing a painting of a landscape, which he immediately knew it was drawn with fire, and to make things more interesting, he also know how to use it. When he woke up, he started experimenting with this technique and voila, you can see the rest.

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