Mini Dinos collection

Well, it’s like adorable tiny round dinosaurs…I don’t know what to say more.

Some art is deep, metaphorical, even containing some hidden political statement. Other is an expression of the world view of the artist, that is a reaction to his or hers emotions and traumas. And then you have some freakishly adorable tiny dinos, that look like colorful balls with eyes. And that’s exactly what you will get today – small. colorful. dinos. “No” is not an option. And you know what? You will like it…yes, you will like it all the way, you’ll see. No one can escape the cuteness of those round things!!!!
Done by the artist Rihards Donskis, also known under his nickname Apofiss (you should also check his other work, if you like cats and owls and cute stuff).

and a watermelon bunny/rat

You can buy the calendar for 2016 with all of the dino-balls (or if you are a soulless monster, and don’t like dinosaurs, you can also choose from other great animal calendars:) HERE.

via FB, Naldzgraphics


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