Manipulation, manipulation everywhere

A nice little infographic, that shows how the emotional triggers influence how people behave.

Maybe we are sliding a little bit further from our usual topics here, but let’s be honest, deception is also a form of art. So I decided I would like to share this little handy info panel I found, that shows you how the media are influencing you through the power of emotions. You know, fear, anger, trust, compassion and all the rest. Because you wouldn’t believe how easy it can be to manipulate people to do something they wouldn’t originally do, but some “story teller” in the background simply set the things to motion. Of course, it’s not just buying and selling things, imagine all the fun stuff you could do if you knew what makes people tick. Your friends, your family, your boss – all of those use the emotional triggers from time to time, to archive their own goals, so why not try some of the tricks on your own? Because now you can (and also know how). Or, if you are not an obsessive, manipulative sociopath, you could just avoid being tricked into doing things subconsciously, just because someone said the magic trigger word.

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