Man vs. Nature in Surreal Oil Paintings

Spoilers: nature wins:)

The surreal oil paintings by the Australian artist Joel Rea capture the everlasting struggle between the power of nature – represented by the mighty waves, winds, or breaking rocks, and the mankind – represented by people in suits (and tigers). In most of the paintings, created by slow drying oil colors, you can observe the unbalanced powers, where the confused or stunned man, properly dressed, carrying some papers marvels at the sight of the all powerful forces of nature.

Even though the scenes described could invoke a feeling of dread, one can feel a strange calmness radiating out of the paintings, I don’t even know why.
Maybe it’s the realization, that every person, even the successful looking ones (or the scourge of mankind – the managers) is tiny and non important in the face of something that huge and overwhelming. And only after we understand, that the struggle to determine our superiority over each other is out of place, because there is always something bigger then every one of us, we can be finally free of all the limits we have set upon ourselves.

Or maybe I have understood it completely wrong, who knows? ….who cares?:)

Also don’t forget to check the artists homepage.

via Inhabitat, Homepage


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