Living paintings, or body as a canvas

What do you usually use as a base for your artwork? Paper? Papyrus? Canvas? Well how about bodies?

Living bodies of course you sick weirdo, I am not talking about creeping in mortuaries and looking for the next best subject for your “greatest work yet”. And living like out-of-their-free-mind-participating living, not living like “have you see my basement you are never leaving alive” living. A am not helping it, am I?
So let’s just skip the introductory formalities I’m obviously not very good at, and meet Alexa Meade, the talented painter who uses living people as the main subject of her large scale paintings.

How does it work? Well, quite simple..first you have to have a huge amount of talent in painting, THEN you have to have a nicely developed imagination, and also some people willing to participate. The model is than painted to look exactly like a piece of the whole painting/environment and voila, it looks amazing.

Basically you could say that it’s art at your real that you could touch it:)
Warning: touching of the art is prohibited, you could get a slap or two in return.

Check out more of Alexas work either by visiting her homepage, or her FB.

via homepage, FB


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