How will your tattoos look, when you are 60…

Do you have a tattoo, or two on you? If so, than it’s probably not the first time you hear the question I mentioned in the title, am I right? Sooo……

….what do you answer usually. “I don’t know”?, “I don’t care”?, “Who are you and why are you asking me silly questions?”? Well, if you take a look at the elderly ladies and gentleman, you can add one more answer to your usual portfolio “..awesome as hell…”

Let us follow a few simple logical steps, and come to a conclusion together:

1. you get a tattoo
2. along the way of your life (if you won’t decide to get rid of it), you will fully embrace it as a part of you..similar to your eye color, skin tone or moles
3. you get old (no cheating on this one)
4. you get wrinkly and your skin looses its flexibility and basically you look like any other old guy, or dame out there
5. BUT, here comes the fun part – you’ll still have something that will differentiate you from the rest. Yes, maybe your tattoos won’t so clear and vibrant as the first day you got them, but they are still yours, something that defines you..and during the flow of time, your surrounding got used to. They have a story to tell and for some part, cover that old skin of yours. And a small bonus on the side, you will be the most fun, colorful, picture-grandpa your grandchildren could have hoped for.

And if you need to attend some formal ceremony, where people would be shocked by your appearance? Get some shirt and pants on Sherlock, and you are covered (see what I did there?:)

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