Food + Landscapes = FOODSCAPES

…that hill over there looks tasty, would you like to take a bite?

After we have started the topic of using food to create art with the delicious looking Food Typography I would like to remain with this topic to torment the hungry people out there begging the clock to move a bit faster so it’s already lunchtime, because…simply because I can.
And what better way to archive this, than to show you whole landscapes made of food. And I’m not talking about your experiments by splitting your mashed potatoes with the fork, pouring gravy over it and calling it the Grand Canyon, I’m talking about real, honest foodscapes. Yes, on the first view it may be seen as a normal landscape painting, but if you take a second look, you’ll see that all of it was done by precisely placing pieces of different food together and create the illusion of..well, landscape. Oh, and also it’s not a painting but a photography.

Who would be the master deceiver behind this genius scheme you would ask? “The London based artist, and photographer Carl Warner”, would be the answer. To be honest, all of that nice looking eye candy (metaphorical and literal) is the result of hard work, precise planning, post processing and not to mention the huge amount of time looking at meat, fruit and vegetables in supermarkets. But lets be honest, the end-photo looks amazing, am I right? No wonder this talented guy was the brain behind multiple well known food commercials across the country.

Also, be sure to check all of his work. There are a LOT more of those amazing foodscapes, and the rest is also very much worthy of your time.

via Carl Warner


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