Face Hacking

Astonishing real time face projecting done live. Sure, we already had here something similar, but it’s still awesome.

Do you remember this article about the Omote project by the Japanese producer Nobumichi Asai? If not you should definitely take a look, because it was astounding and mesmerizing at the same time. The face of the model was scanned, marked with tracking points, and then an 3D animation was projected directly on her, creating a breathtaking effect of artificial face transformation.

And the Omote project continues, this time with 2 male models at the same time, presented on the Japanese variety TV show SMAP X SMAP. And as you’ve probably guessed, it still hasn’t lost one bit of its charm. It’s surreal, it’s eye catching, and it’s certainly you should take a look at.


And here is the whole video:

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