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  1. manuchehr naderi October 29, 2015

    How was the text compared to old existing alphabets?

    • Lost Sigil October 29, 2015

      What I have heard, there were multiple comparisons to ancient languages, but none of them was proven to be right. First we have the old Hungarian script theory (so the Hungarian runes), then the Daco Roman theory (that the script is a Dacian Vulgar Latin dialect – and it should be read from right to left, from bottom to the top), then the Brahmi script theory (hindu text, that should be read from left to right, from top to bottom) and the Sumerian theory (when the text is flipped upside down, some of the characters resemble the Sumerian signs). Also some scientists claim, that similar symbols were found in the Scythian caves in the Dobruja region in Romania. We have to add, that every theory had it’s critics with valid points and arguments.

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