What if…directors directed architecture?

…and thus the project Archidirector was born. And now you can see what would a Charlie Chaplin house look like.

Federico Babina, an architect/graphic designer, who designs almost surreal looking mixture of architecture and…something different. His creative series Archidirector combines the architecture with the influence of famous directors, creating a unique themed accommodations, pleasing to the eye. Sometimes you should be at least a minor fan of the director to understand the reference (HAL9000 from Kubric’s 2001: A Space Odyssey anyone?), on another time you able to just “feel” the atmosphere connected with the one, or another director (I’m looking at Tim Burton’s direction). But all together the mixture is original, creative and just fun to observe. I would say “can you guess the director” at this place…but since they are already in the pictures..but you can still cover the upper part and test your cinematographic knowledge.

Stanley Kubrick


David Lynch

Ridley Scott

Tim Burton

Charlie Chaplin

George Lucas

Fritz Lang

Alfred Hitchcock

Jim Jarmusch

Federico Fellini

Wes Anderson

Emir Kusturica

Zhang Yimou

“Sometimes I am an architect with a passion for illustration and others I’m an illustrator in love with architecture,” Babina said in an interview. It’s good to see people having fun in their line of work, isn’t it?

Also check out the authors homepage, he has a lot of other fun projects combining architecture and other stuff…all of them beginning with the prefix “Archi”.

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