Destino – the animated eccentricity

What do you get, when you cross the skills of an world known cartoonist, and a movie maker, with the skills of an world known surreal painter and performer? Something very unique, you can bet on that.

Destino is the title of a short animated movie, released in 2003 by the Walt Disney Company, even when its production began 58 years in the past. Originally, the project was an collaboration between the american cartoonist Walt Disney, and the Spanish painter Salvador Dalí, currently containing music by the Mexican songwriter Armando Dominguez and is performed by Dora Lutz. It began in year 1945, where Dalí and The Walt Disney Company employee John Hench worked for 8 month on the storyboards and the production. The promising project stumbled upon just one major flaw – World War II. 17 seconds of the movie has been made so far…

But due to financial crisis, the animated movie was laid dormant for an indefinite time, and almost forgotten. In 1999, the nephew Roy E. Disney discovered the unfinished piece, and decided to bring it back to life. An Paris studio was hired, where 25 animators deciphered Dalí and Henche’s storyboards. The finished move contains traditional animation, the original settings made by Dalí and Hench, as well as modern computer animation.

The story revolves around the love of Chronos, the personification of time to a mortal woman. As the story unfolds, the woman continue to dance among surreal landscapes, inspired by Dalí’s paintings. If it would interest you, the original 17 seconds, are the scenes with the two tortoises.

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