Classical Musicians in a Non Classical World

If somebody would request, that you take portrait photo of an classical musician, what would come to your mind in the first place?

A fine dressed lady, or gentleman, sitting in the concert hall, holding hers, or his musical instrument, either playing it, or preparing to play it?
I’m sure you would be the only one (END_SARCASM). Even at the highest of level of the photographic craft, those pictures can be a bit…boring. Technically almost perfect, I’m sure of that, but a bit lifeless, without the spark. And that is coming from a guy who loves classical music.

The problem is, that the music can’t be be observed visually, that’s why, in cases of photography you have to focus on something other than a “person sitting/standing”.

How could it be done you ask? Meet Nikolaj Lund – a Danish-based photographer, but also an cellist. In his photo series, he brought the artists out of their natural habitat, the concert hall, and placed them in environments not so typical for a classical musician. What he created is something unique.

Artists having fun, but still in a elegant way, not undermining the artistic value of their profession.

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