Burial customs across the world

Are you feeling down? Sad? Depressed? Feeling that everything has lost it’s purpose? I know what will cheer you up – skeletons and mummies. So here you go.

The US photographer Paul Koudounaris travels the world, and takes photos of all the bizarre, uncommon, and for the modern world, mostly unnatural burial customs from the past, as well as the present. Many of the places of the last rest are known to the public, some of us even visited them during our lifetime, but seeing it through the eyes (lens) of a talented photographer puts a fresh new angle on the skulls and bones. In his own words, the Western society of today has put a hard, unpenetrable barrier between our world, and the world of the dead. The cultures of the past, as well as some of today prefer a soft border, where some of the differences blur and in many cases the living ones live alongside the deceased ones.

Here are a few examples of his book Memento Mori, which contains all the results of his travels.

The ossuary beneath the towns church, Lampa, Peru

The remains of the local abbot, Mondsee, Austria

Sedlec ossuary, Czech Republic

The decorated skeleton of St. Munditia, Munich, Germany

The painted skulls of Hallstatt, Austria

Capuchin crypt, Rome, Italy

Fiesta de la Natitas, La Paz, Bolivia

Fiesta de la Natitas, La Paz, Bolivia

Capuchin Monastery, Burgio, Sicily

Mummified member of a confraternity, Oria, Italy

18-century chapel, Kolin, Czech Republic

Mummified priests, Gangi, Sicily

Burial cave with the remains of a pilgrim, near Lalibela, Ethiopia

Priest mummies, Palermo, Italy

Ancestor bones in a opened coffin, near a cave entrance, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Bua Burial Cave, Tana Toraja, Indonesia

Catacombs, Paris, France

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