Awesome paintings by Jakub Rozalski

Alternative past, mixed with steampunk, mechs, monsters, and all of that delivered in a skillful, artistic way of a truly talented painter? Yes, you are on the right address, come on in and meet the awesome art of Jakub Rozalski.

This Hamburg, Germany based painter, illustrator and conceptual artist creates in his arts worlds that haven’t existed, yet somehow seem familiar, real, or maybe just impressive to look at. Giant war mechs and huge monsters towering above tiny humans, set you back in time to a age where you could still fantasize about slaying your own dragons, and being the hero of your own story. Can you remember it? It’s still somewhere down there, deep inside. The reality could have maybe diminished your fantasy, but it could never destroy it. Can you see yourself standing on the hill, with a foe of gargantuan proportions in front of you? What will you do? Will you cover in fear, or will you try to conquer the impossible? Your move.

via Tumblr, Facebook, ArtStation


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