Australia, mysterious and beautiful

Landscape photography is one of the few major aspects of the photographic art. Many professional, as well as amateur photographers take stunning pictures, admired worldwide. But when it comes to Australia, things differ a little bit. That continent is dangerous, beautiful, but seriously dangerous.

That is one of the reasons, why only a few seasoned photographers have the guts to spend nights, or days alone in the wilderness, to bring visual evidence of the natural beauty. And among those few, is only one woman. Meet Julie Fletcher.

12 years ago, the exchanged her normal job, and life in the city of Sydney and moved to one of the most remotest town in the country – Marree. With hard work, and a lot of determination, in these 12 long years she, during her work, became one of the most recognized landscape photographer, in the among the general public, as well as her professional colleagues. Her work has been also published by National Geographic.

In her own words: “It’s not glamorous, it’s hard work, it’s tedious. Sometimes you are camping in very remote areas and you are alone. I’m obviously aware that there are nasties out there that can kill me.”
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