Amazing Landscapes by Elizabeth Gadd

If you like landscape photography, than the portfolio of this young talented artist¬†might be exactly your cup of tea. Just..see for yourself, because it’s hard to describe, but they are just amazing.

The 21-year old Canadian photographer, Elizabeth Gadd, is a self-taught artist, whose work strongly reflects her love and passion for hiking and traveling (with her two dogs, according to her webpage). As all of you can probably see, this talented young lady has some serious picture taking skills, so many of you (us), would now rejoice, by the mentioning of the word self-taught. “What? No prestigious, fancy art school you say? Everything she is able to do now was gained only by herself? But I also have an camera, and my pictures look crappy”, some would whine. What is her secret you would ask? According to a interview, she did with Phlearn, the method that helped her the most was the 365-day challenge.

By her own words: “When I realized the best way for me to grow in my photography was to constantly be experimenting with it, I forced myself to take photos every single day, trying each day to create a better photo than the last. It was an epic challenge. But I grew, learned and improved more in that year than I ever have before.”

If you would be interested in the gear she is using, then behold – Canon 60D, Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens, Sigma 24mm f/1.8 lens, Shoot RC-300 wireless remote, Vanguard Alta Pro 254CB 50 tripod, Vanguard UP-Rise II 45 backpack, Adobe Lightroom and GIMP.
So no more excuses that you don’t own the fancy new Canon 1D Mark IV, or something similar. Get out there, and start practicing.
Oh, and if you would wonder, how miss Gadd looks like, then I’ll let you know, that most of the pictures taken are self-portraits…that would also explain the tripod as a part of her gear:)

via homepage, demilked, Phlearn


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